Gisborne Herald

I was approached by a Gisborne Herald reporter last week in relation to some restoration work that is going on in the Waimata catchment and offered a few photos to support the story.  This stream is a tributary of the Waimata river and is in great condition. Almost the entire catchment of the tributary is forested with most of that forest being Manuka/Kanua forest, with some stunning areas of Kohekohe/puriri forest.
Hats off to Charles at DoC and EIT and the Salmonds for getting this project off the ground.
CaptureMangatuna Stream

Morepork Longbush Waimata Valley Malcolm Rutherford Purefocus


Friends keep on having babies and I’ve recently had the privilege to photograph some of them.  Photographing twins for the first time introduced some new challenges, but it was a lot of fun.  It was a short session so watch this space for some more of these two.


Playing with landscape

Islands, beaches, night time walks. At a recent visit to Nuhiti I attempted to capture different moods of the same landscape. Dawn, Island in the stars, Frothy sea, and my favourite – Walking to the beach at night but the light of the moon… there are endless moods in a place with a beach, and an island. So much character this special place.


NZRC Gisborne

At this years NZRC Gisborne I was determined to get some shots of the rally but things were busy at home so I was only able to make it to one stage – the first stage. Up at 6:30, and into the hills. It was a stunning clear frosty morning, and I knew where i had to get to to get a shot. I was there to try and get a cracking shot of David Holder – someone I have bumped into a few times over the last 20 years and have occasionally followed his progress since stories of paddock racing back in the day. David was first on the road (after the 0 and 00 cars) so there wasn’t a lot of time to do the classic trial and error working out a better angle with each successive car.  I could have gone for the classic low shot, but the corner I was at was not ideal,  and with low light it was likely to be a bit blurry and unexceptional.  I was planning the shot lying in bed the night before, and was trying to work out where there would be a corner where I could shoot a landscape style shot with the sun coming up in the shot, but the Parikanapa Road is oriented the wrong way. So shooting away from the sun was the only option, and there was just a flick of sunrise on the hills in the distance and the gullys filled with mist. Perfect.

I shot the panorama a few minutes before David set off (7:37 am), and took some practice bursts where I predicted the car would be. Low light so high shutter speed, high ISO, but not too high. Lets just say there was a lot of compromise going on.  3 rows of 6 shots. Then I waited for David. and click click click.
Got it.

Then I shot a few more cars, and went home. By the end of the day David was the champ, not just of the event, but of the year. Nice work David. IMGP3748 Stitchsm (Custom) (2)

IMGP3858 (Custom)

IMGP3872 (Custom)

IMGP3912 (Custom)